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Jüdische Weisheit
Sie finden hier zahlreiche Artikel aus dem 90er Jahren, d.h. aus den Anfangsjahren des WWW. Aktuellere Meldungen finden Sie im Nachrichtenarchiv unter Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland..., Antisemitismus, Rechtsextremismus..., Europa und die Welt... oder in den täglich aktuellen Nachrichten von
Etliche Artikel in diesem Ordner entsprechen in Formatierung und Gestaltung nicht den heutigen Internetstandards. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Verständnis.

Besuchen Sie auch die Seiten zu jüdischen Führungen in Berlin...

The perfect formula for familiy trips to Berlin

Time out for parents: art, history, culture …and without any pressure off to the legendary shopping paradise KaDeWe – kids tours relieves families and provides kids and teenagers with their own schedule in the German capital… lots of fun & adventure included

Planning the next city trip most parents know these questions well:
- how do our children fit with our sightseeing plans?
- which sights do we adults not want to miss?
- what´s most interesting for the kids though?
Business travellers, who follow the trend for a work-life-balance and take their families with them would appreciate family customized solutions as well.

For those visiting Berlin the problem is solved. Under professional guidance kids & teens can take their own discovery tours across Europe´s most exciting city, leaving the adults with as much spare time as they need. Want to join them? No problem: make it a guided family tour…

Christine Behnisch and Gloria Kuperszmidt, both long-term experienced professionals, have a heart for kids and teenagers and will take them on unusual tours available from Tuesday through Sunday. Best known sights as SeaLife, the 307m high top of the TV-Tower or the experimental section of the Museum for Technical Sciences are on their program as well as sporting or creative suggestions like indoor climbing or the self making of candles in a wax smelling candle makery. These Berliners know their town inside out!

Sightseeing - Fun – Adventure: the slogan is mirrored in a well balanced tour program (4 hrs); kids and parents are also welcome to help prepare their individual schedule picked from various original destinations: from 3 hrs on; discount for siblings/friends is offered.

Included are all entrance and public transport fees, snacks, water and a disposable camera/album for each tour guest, lunch on request. A maximum of 10 age matched kids (~ 5 to 15 years) makes sure each of them gets attended to according to his/her needs.

"Naturally parent's relief was on our mind whilst founding Kids Tours Berlin", the good humored teachers say, "but most of all we want to show Berlin to kids (with or without parents) in a way they would not get to see otherwise and that surely cannot be found in guidebooks. Plus: we like the idea to offer "our" kids the opportunity to make new friends and its actually we who make it happen!"

Native speaking guides for all languages on request. Additional info and reservations: 0049 (0)30- 695 09 307 /

haGalil 03-08-2008


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